Who We Are


As a divorced father of four, I have learned the difference between equitable and fair. Fair for me is rarely fair for you, but equitable is for both of us. 

With that in mind, Laura and I developed Family Plan as an objective record of what transpired. The goal was to create a system that promoted equitable outcomes in all the events around parenting in two homes. From requesting changes to an existing custody schedule or planning the holidays and managing expenses, Family Plan makes post-divorce life equitable.

Family Plan helps reduce conflict for a better future, for children and co-parents. We understand that your life and your children’s lives are connected. We are there for your kids, but we are there for you too. At Family Plan we believe in a family after divorce filled with security, love and hope. We want you to live life well.


Mark MacMahon, Co-Founder & CEO | Laura MacMahon, Co-Founder & President

About X2X, Inc.

Founded in the small town of Yarmouth Maine

X2X is a mobile app developer committed to helping families live healthy and happy lives. Family Plan, the company’s first flagship application, helps you become a better parent after divorce or separation by improving collaboration and simplifying payment obligations ensuring that you and your children are secure and happy. X2X will continue to innovate and build solutions that improve family well-being and foster understanding in a world where communication is critical to happiness and peace.

Can the app help reduce conflict and improve communication with my ex?

Yes, Family Plan eliminated potential conflict by giving you the tools and knowledge you need to reduce stress and focus on what’s best for you and your children’s well-being.